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28 Year Police Veteran to Retire as Sheriff

Retirement in the Isanti County area seems to be a trend. First, Public Works Director Patrick Meyer retires after 11 years of service, now Isanti County Sheriff Russ Monson is taking a step down. For Isanti County, the old saying applies, “There will be a new sheriff in town.”

Monson announced his retirement at a county board meeting on February 6th, stating his last day as sheriff will be April 30th of this year. Monson has been sheriff since 2009. At the board meeting he thanked those who appointed him to the position and supported him while he carried out his duties as sheriff. While Monson loves what he does, he knew it was time to step down.

“It’s my time to go,” he said. “After 28 years of law enforcement, I think it’s time for me to go.”

While the next Isanti County’s sheriff’s election isn’t until fall 2014, the interim sheriff will be nominated by the board at an upcoming meeting. The service of Monson should be commended, his 28 years surely helped the county for the better.

Posted on February 17 2013